Can I spray paint paper? – 300 Grams Glossy Paper For Spray Paint

Yes. You can spray-paint paper.

How much does it cost?

It’s free!

How long will it take?

It all depends on what you’re using it for. The more you use it, the faster it will dry – which means you can spray on a variety of colors with a little patience!

Do I need to go to a paint store to get the colors?

No! You can purchase them in our online store, or from any paint store who carries our brand, like Wet N Wild, Wet ‘n Wild, H.D. Bean, Studio Paints, and Sally Hansen.

Do I have to use a roller roller to spray paint?

No! We’ve got a spray roller attachment on our roller brush, available for purchase from any paint store who carries our brand.

How do I spray on the ink?

Hold down the spray button while spraying the ink, and you’ll feel like you’re spraying with a hot knife, or a small hair dryer. To spray, just hold the button down, and move your arm around the container until the ink is all covered.

Does it dry in my house while I was at school that morning?

It’ll dry to the exact color you painted it to. We recommend painting the ink with a high-temperature ink, like Krylon Ultra Fine or Krylon SuperFine, or a high-intensity ink like OPI Tinted Spray Paint.

How does the water wash off?

The water does not wash off. It will be diluted and remain on your surface and may not wash away completely.

Is the ink waterproof?

Yes. If your ink isn’t water proof, you’ll want to be sure to avoid standing or sitting in water. Spray paint is made for in and out of water.

What kinds of papers do you recommend?

For easy and fast application, we recommend a white paper to start. If you’re just starting out, get into a regular colored paper and mix the ink up before applying the white paper!

Can I use another coloring book for the ink?

No! The ink is designed to be layered on paper. You cannot use another coloring book, which may lead to you having to repeat color combinations a dozen times to get a decent shade.

How long will it take?

It should dry to the color you’re painting

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