Can you do spray paint art on canvas?

If I were to paint a portrait, I would definitely start with a brush, then a paintbrush, and then the paintspot. The paintbrush really gives you that paint effect. Paintbrush is a piece of art. I use it to paint my artwork. It’s an extra piece of art. Because of the bristles, you can control the intensity of your paint and the color. You can add a slight yellow to a blue, you could give it some sort of pink color. You can put a little bit of water on it like a paintbrush. But it’s really about the brush. If you have a paintbrush, and you have a paintbrush, you’ll be able to paint on it, and you really can do that.

I saw it once and that was an incredible piece of work.

I do a lot of video work. That was really amazing for me. I do a lot of video work, a lot of live performance with my voice, for my music and all that. I use a lot of different kinds of brushes and different brushes. It all started with a painting brush and I did that until I was a good-looking, smooth, painted up portrait.

How do you feel about the idea that you are a painter?

I don’t have a negative opinion of painting. I used to think that painting was a boring type of doing. But I’ve learned that painting has a place. A painting does not have only one meaning. It has lots of different meanings. One of my hobbies is making paintings on canvas. If you look at the paintings, you’ll realize that they have a lot of meaning. There’s a whole variety of styles for painting.

Do you look at other people who do painting as an inspiration? What are some of the main things that you like about theirs?

I’m very impressed with their work. I have been to a lot of painting events and I’ve noticed that painting is a big part of people’s lives. It’s something you do, you do it in your spare time, so it really does mean a lot. I’m really impressed.

Do you look at paintings from other artists and compare what you can do with yours?

When I was a kid we saw an exhibition at a fair called the Contemporary Art Fair. It was beautiful, amazing art; it was really beautiful. And I was very impressed with it. It was so different from the artwork that I had seen before