Can you do spray paint art on canvas? – Lightning Spray Paint Art Techniques Beach

– No, not at this stage.

– Do you have any other projects you’d like to share with us?

– This week I’m working with Michael J. Binder. We’re about to show at the Toronto Film School. And then I don’t know, I have a few things I have coming. I’ll update you guys.

– Is it true that you were once a student of the famous painter Thomas Kinkade?

– Yes. I think I was once a student of M.K.

– Was there an art teacher within your circle who made you want to be an artist?

– It was an extremely strict circle. I had to take courses from all over.

– Where did you go to school?

– The school was in the Bronx. At the age of eight I spent about three months in the Bronx. I used to walk every day at 1 o’clock in the morning and look at the world. And I had to learn by heart what people liked and what you had to do.

– Do you think your painting style resembles the style of Kinkade at all?

– No, but I don’t think that my painting style is very different from it.

– How did you get into teaching?

– I started teaching in New York City at the time I started painting professionally. I had an internship with an art school and I was asked to come on the train from Manhattan to Brooklyn, to teach there, and I had to teach all the morning classes.
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– Why did you decide to take on teaching?

– The school did not have any artistic or creative programs and I was looking for someone who wanted to teach, because it was just so far.

– You didn’t have any other other art schools to look at?

– No, not really.

– Is it true that you have an apprenticeship program?

– Oh yes, I’m an Artistic Director of the school, or a Senior Artistic Director. I’m one of the teachers to a large majority of art students.

– How did you get that?

– My grandfather, my father, and the school.

– Are there any other artists in your family that you’d like to have an apprenticeship with?

– None, I’m very private about my works. I don’t want anything except my own self to be

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