Can you paint rustoleum over Krylon paint? – Crack Spray Paint Art Techniques Beach

No. You have to clean it. You have to scrub it. There is no way that you can use Krylon paints, because it is just water. The Krylon has no smell, so you can’t use it with water. It’s not like wax is going to work with a chemical cleaner. You can’t even scrub it at all, and you have to keep it on top of the paint because it will corrode.

You can try sanding the surface with any fine, rough grit sandpaper, like 300#, but that will also stain it, and the paint will peel. Sanding will not work because the surface is not smooth.

Is water really the only solution, though?

No. You can go onto the paint and sand it and paint it, and that will also work. In fact, it will keep it from fading.

It’s a really hard thing to explain, to show the way. First, you’re going to have to understand how something works. You’re not going to try to repair every puddle with a puddle of water or some other medium.

What I do is try to find a solution. You need paint for your wall and a paint solution. You have to be willing to use a lot of paint or a solution that has enough paint because it will not fade. If it isn’t fading because all it needs is a little, there might be more. You can’t just wipe it off, because that’s a pain to do. You need to use the right amount. It’s something like a paint stripper, and that’s what I used, except you have to apply it with a brush instead of an applicator.

So if you have a big pile of paint in your basement filled with a lot of paint and you try to spray with water and paint it, it will go right off, no matter what. It’s going to look terrible. You can try to wash it, but it will make the whole thing look tacky and gross. You’ll need to use a solvent or a very thin layer of paint, like a layer of paint that was once wet.

What I really recommend is to use a spray-on varnish. That’s one that came out of a commercial applicator. It is very, very thick and it holds a lot of paint in an extremely long, long time. If it has a stain, it will last.

That’s why you need

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