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You can add a thin layer of Krylon paint to a rusty rim, giving it a great contrast to the natural surface surface. The paint should be as smooth and even as the finished surface – this will not only increase the strength but will also make the paint easier to clean. The finished product is often quite bright. The Krylon paint is sold in a 24 mil thick coat, so you can spray two coats of the paint, or mix up two to three different coat thicknesses depending on your needs.

You can also add a layer of water and allow the coat to cure. You can then dry the product by letting it air dry, and remove the air dried product with a towel. Sometimes this process is called “polishing” a rim. There are numerous tools available that are used to achieve this purpose, including the hand-pumped “motor polish” and “bored sponge” methods described above. Be sure that the tool is the proper size, so that the coating is applied from behind rather than on its front.

Using Krylon paint for sanding

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One method for installing a new rim is to sand it with fine-grit sandpaper or a sanding block, then let it cool. It takes a little longer to dry, but this can be very beneficial when applying a new rim, especially if it’s a bit dirty and/or uneven.

Krylon has the advantage of not causing chipping of the metal, but the downside is that it’s not as easy to clean – especially if you apply it too quickly, using one or two quick wipe down coats on top. It is recommended that you add a layer of solvent to a rim to protect the material from contamination while you clean it.

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