Does spray paint contain lead?

We don’t know. We don’t know whether anyone has been seriously poisoned. What we do know is that it may not be safe to use it in the home, as it has been in the past.

Is it safe to use on food? The answer is, probably not. Spray paint is a non-stick ingredient, and if you use it in food, it may not adhere. It isn’t safe in paint, either.

Will you be able to tell how much paint you’ve used, and how much it is? We can’t give you those details. The only thing we know is whether you are using paint in the home.

What about the home? Homeowners tend to use more paint than renters–one reason behind the greater number of home owners being sued. Since these homeowners are taking home ownership seriously, they probably use a lesser degree of paint than renters. If you live in the home with water damage, that amount of paint could still make a difference to your case. That doesn’t change the fact that there’s nothing right or wrong about using spray paint in the home.

There’s no telling whether you’ll win. You’ll have to tell us what you did and who you were dealing with. We won’t tell you exactly which paint brand you used. However, if you told the wrong company (the one that said it was paint, not primer), you likely won’t pay a lot more. However, most builders and homeowners are less strict than they used to be about applying paint to floors, or other surfaces, when working with the manufacturer’s product. If you can demonstrate that you’re properly applying a paint product, we may pay you less. If you’re still having problems after showing proof (by taking a picture and sending it in), we might reduce the liability if we believe it to be for the best interest of the homeowners we represent.

We have just posted the first in a series of posts on the new “Mister” class of superlative devices. While the details are still a little sketchy — not to be expected from a development period with a huge amount of “open-source” open-source code to explore — the results are fascinating!

“Mister” is a new class of superlative devices (defined below).

Note that this paper is a draft (for a paper that will be given at SIGPLAN Next Generation Workshop in Seattle in October!), and the final draft will have all the details. Here are