How do you make cool spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art Kit

Sketch art is the art of combining two ideas to express an idea. I use my sketchbook to illustrate the ideas I have in my head. The other day a friend asked me for a few ideas for her project to decorate an old house. I thought to myself, that’s a good idea. For this project I decided to use a variety of materials, and different techniques. I drew several different sketches to make it different every time. This is why I will be sharing some tips that can help you create fun project.

Before you begin, I recommend you use a sketchbook, and not an actual pencil. Some people may believe that a pencil will scratch your paint or ruin your painting. I am not a fan of pencil, and do not use it. I used an expensive, old old Sharpie with a permanent marker and a very, very, clear coat brush. I will have to say that I do enjoy some rough sanding and polishing. The result is not as great as if I used a spray brush. The only problem with using a spray paint is that it dries very quick.

You could use a roller ball to spray the paint, but roller paint will dry much more slowly. I use a spray gun as I will be spraying the paint from the bottom on the paint, the side, and the top. It helps hold the paint down while I move up and down with the roller.

I have a spray can with a spout for spray paint, which makes for a spray bottle. I also use a can of spray paint brush. I use a sharpie on every part of my painting in order to create a swirl pattern on the surface.

One of the basic skills to learn is to always use white paint, which you can find at most art stores. Never mix colors, and never add a black stripe on any areas. A black stripe is not a good look, and usually looks rather strange.

Now that you know how to paint your project and the basic techniques, I’ll get to the painting parts of the tutorial.

Spray Painting

How to Paint Your Project (Step 1)

Step 1: Select White Paint

Before beginning to painting, I recommend that you take a moment to do research on which paints you are going to need for your project. I would recommend that you pick up an airbrush as I will be spraying the paint from the bottom on the color and the side.


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