How do you make cool spray paint art? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Thesaurus Meaning

Simple, just spray paint. Or you could make it yourself by hand and get a cheap paint brush. Some art supplies are listed below. We’ve got a few great supplies in stock including some spray cans and cans of spray paint. See your local art supply store for even more great supplies.

Spray Paint Brushes

I buy a handful of spray paint brushes at every paint show I go to. I don’t know that there is anything better for hand painting than this! I usually keep at least one of these brushes in my garage or on my table in the living room. I can use it for a variety of things such as painting large murals, adding shadows, watercolor painting, etching drawings or even creating hand lettering spray paint. There are even some great brands out there. Make sure to check out our post How to Make Handwriting Stickers with Spray Paints on Art, Craft & Ink for more information.

Spray Paint Can

This is where the easy part begins! You’ll need a few different types of paints. I like to use a light colored medium, like a base color such as a white, black or brown. I also like to use a darker color such as a reddish, orange or yellow. Just like you’d use a pen or paintbrush for fine detail painting you can use a spray paint can for even more detail painting. If you need to go super super-heavy-duty, you can use spray cans of paint like these awesome brushes. We can even add a second coat of paint to finish off a piece. No matter what paint you use, make sure to follow some basic guidelines.

For most beginners, it’s best to follow a basic guideline for painting and then add more detail after you’ve painted it. For example, the first step for me when I want to put white paint on a piece or get an awesome blue paint job is to go from a white base to a very dark black. Then add lighter gray paint to lighten up the piece.

You’ll need 2 or 3 spray paint cans that will run around $15. That’s a bit expensive if you’re not into large paintings. I find that a little spray paint goes a long way when you’re putting small items like these into your hands. I’m sure you’ll be pleased!
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How to Paint Handwriting Spray Paint

For this spray painting tutorial I’ll be using my original painting style. I use this spray paint style because

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