How do you spray paint a compressor? – Super Cool Spray Paint Art Techniques

Do you spray all three colors on at the same time, or do you choose when you start painting to start off with the first color, then put on the second and third colors and so on? My girlfriend said you should do this.

To use this I sprayed all of the three colors on at the same time, put on the fourth color and spray all over it, trying to make it look natural and smooth, but I didn’t get that smooth look.

Then I took the paint out and sprayed some more and tried a different look, and it really looks like it has three layers, if I could see it clearly. I also sprayed a clear coat just so we could see how it looked, and I used some sort of primer on top, so it was even and even.

When the first coat is dry, let it dry in the sun until it is totally dry. Then take the second coat of paint, or let the first one dry for half an hour and then do the second. Take it out and let it dry again. And do the third. And then the fourth. And the fifth. Then put the last coat on it, and you know what, don’t worry about any unevenness, because it was all sprayed on.

Thanks for checking it, keep up the great painting work.

If you did take time to take pictures, I hope you enjoyed them…I would love to know which paint you like more..

I hope you are enjoying your work with the CFC compressor as much as I am.


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