How do you spray paint fine lines? – Black And White Spray Paint Art For Beginners

I spray on an acrylic medium that can be applied with a small brush. I try to work in small parts and layers, and a slight layer of clear is better. If you don’t get the perfect result, try again!

The best paint: (or the least painful)

The paint that comes out the best is probably the darkest shade (the darkest ones come out on the lightest walls in the entire house!). I spray the darkest, heaviest paint (the paint that you can only get at the local hardware store) around the house so it shows through most of the walls. You can even spray the walls to make it look like they’re painted dark blue, just be careful not to spray in that area (it looks like you’re making a hole in the wall and the black paint will be all over it).

The best spray painting technique

No wonder that a lot of your pictures look very rough – if it was easy, someone would do it every day! I’m here to tell you that spray painting is a difficult, almost impossible technique. It takes time, patience and a little bit of dedication.

That’s why you use a different technique on every picture that comes out of the machine:

• For landscape and outdoor shots – use a water resistant medium for a smooth paint that has a higher sheen. Use this medium from the hardware store.

• For portraits – use a brush or brush-less spray applicator, this method is safer – you don’t have to worry about getting a lot of water in there. We use a sponge type pad for painting. It’s the least painful and most consistent. Make sure your sponge is clean, you don’t want any of the paint sticking to it when you spray it.

• For all kinds of portrait shots, you don’t want to be using a brush for that – use a little foam and airbrush (or any kind of airbrush you like) with your brush. Just remember to give your brush a little air and let it breath so that you get the perfect pressure on the paint.

How to get the best results from your spray painting

The easiest way to get a really good result and look like a pro is that you spray in a small area – so make sure you are doing this in a dark room, in a nice, dark spot that won’t be easily disturbed. I spray my bathroom in every room except for my bathroom (it’s the same house, but

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