How do you spray paint fine lines? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Idea

You go to the home improvement store.

In this video from DIYDIY, you see how to apply a thick coat of spray paint.

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1. First, cut a rectangle (I used a 4′ x 8′ sheet of wood)

2. Spray-Paint the outline of the perimeter of the sheet (for easier assembly)

3. Set aside the spray-painted perimeter. Spray the remaining outline of the perimeter of the sheet

4. Set aside the excess spray-painted perimeter

5. Place the acrylic in a large container or bowl (not water) with a lid

6. Add an excess of air to the container. I added a small amount of liquid soap

7. Squirt and pour in the thickest layer of spray paint (this is more like a thick layer of paint so it is not visible, but it will be thicker than the layer on the board).

8. Shake the container until the air is completely removed

9. Let the spray-painted paint soak in and dry

10. Fill your container with extra paint

11. Shake gently. Let it dry completely

12. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for a thicker coat of paint.

13. Rinse excess coat and pour back in the container.

14. Set aside the coat on your floor, or your porch, or wherever you want the finish.

15. Spray the remaining paint on the boards

16. Set aside the coat on your floor, or your porch, or wherever you want the finish

17. I used a coat of green paint as a base layer in the bottom part of the picture.

18. I used black tape to add a line of white.

19. In my opinion the best way to apply a color is with a brush instead of paint. There are many different brushes for this job. However, I use a big toothbrush so I have a lot of brushes.

20. I used an old can of food coloring. It is very bright and gives great coverage. It works great in any color but in my opinion it is the best color for black.

21. Next, I applied some red to the inside of the black outline. I used a light colored pencil.

22. Then I used white to the outside.

23. Then I let the whole thing dry.

I hope you like

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