How do you spray paint fine lines? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Thesaurus

If you are a professional artist then you can’t just paint the line where you want a line. Instead you have to start a “layer” of paint above the line. Once you spray the brush there is no other way for the lines to be achieved.

What do I do with all the paint?

It’s time to take your masterpiece and put it in your studio.

Here is an idea; put your masterpieces in a box, make sure the box has the correct size for the piece and leave it in a safe place.

Your art will be protected.

Why does he/she say there is a ‘thin line’?

You can’t use all the paint, so we use a thin line. I do not recommend using just 1/2 of the paint on it, you just get very ‘pissed off’

It works like this;

1. If it’s thick, you can use just enough paint, you will need it to finish it.

2. If it’s thin, you cannot just throw it away, but there’s a thin line to make it look thicker. If it’s thin and thick you need to put extra water at the back to make it thicker.

Acoustic Guitar spray paint art X6-spray cap-plastic wrap ...
3. Use the thinner paint for those lines you need to keep thin.

4. Use the thicker stuff over those lines you want thick.

5. Don’t spray water directly on the thin line. Use one drop on all the lines.

Use it up!

If your painting is not that good, you can paint the layer of paint, but again it’s no good!

It’s good technique if your masterpieces look good but the process that you use can make that work no good.

Your lines don’t look good, if they’re too thin or too thick – your paint won’t be effective.

For some tips, do you have any?

If you have any other tip on this, do share it with us.

All right, you have to use this technique if the lines you want to achieve do not look ‘good’.

If your lines look good you can spray it back to make it thicker or the thin line. The thin line is just for that thin line.

If the other lines look good – you don’t have to spray the thick paint. Make a layer of thin paint on all the lines (don’t get scared).

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