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Well, we did that and we found out the answer. We used a fine-cut plastic bottle, and sprayed in very small areas at a time and did it over the course of a week. You can even add water or paint thinner if needed for easier and faster cleanup.

I don’t know about many others, but after the first week of working with the paint in the car, I was hooked. It was not a difficult project to do either. All you need is a spray bottle. When done correctly the car will look like you see and the lines will be spotless and professional.

Here’s what to look for:

Checking for proper primer and spray paint:

Use a new bottle and a clean, white rag under the cap of the car, and wipe down all lines with solvent cleaner or paint thinner. This eliminates any particles of dust and dirt that can settle on the paint and ruin it and helps to keep the coat deep and glossy. The paint should dry in approximately one to three hours.

Remove any residue from the rag that is still stuck to the line. You will need a sharp instrument such as a razor blade or utility knife to do this.

Test the coat:

Once the paint has dried, you need to remove any residue from the car from the lines. Clean up the line with solvent or regular paint thinner.

If you remove an excessive amount of paint then you have more than likely applied your paint incorrectly. Use your razor blade and razor again until you have cleared the line. Then repeat until all of the paint has been removed.

If your lines are completely smooth when you have the line completely covered, then you are done.

A quick spray of a few drops of water can restore some gloss to the lines.

If your lines are uneven, the paint may also be improperly applied. After removing the excess paint, repeat these steps until all of the lines have been wiped clean with spray paint or solvent cleaner. If using solvent use a good quality spray bottle, or you can even use a thinner, but it’s not needed.

I can’t believe I have used one of my very best automotive skills for just a few bucks!

A word of caution, if the paint has any build up, it may take some time for the shine to become evident.

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