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As long as the spray paint has left the painted surface of the car, we can safely assume that it’s still in relatively good condition. If it’s time to repaint, we recommend spraying Rustoleum off and doing a light coat of new paint. While each car is different, they all have a similar paint finish, and the best approach to keep Rustoleum spray paint in great condition is to start with a clean Carrera (C4) or C5 and finish with an upgraded Carrera (C5B/B/C/CA), an R16 or R18, an RX8, an RX10, an RX7, or an RX5.

Does Rustoleum spray paint really last?
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Yes, it’s one of the best paint finishes around. It’s not the most corrosion-resistant paint, but it won’t tarnish or flake or peel off of the paint.

After Rustoleum spray paint has sat for a couple decades on a car, it will begin to harden. The paint will begin to absorb and absorb more paint. With some time, the paint may start to oxidize, and it will start to come off of the car. But once the Rustoleum oxidizing happens, it will take weeks if not months to return to the factory condition.

Rustoleum spray paint is also not intended for surface scratches. In most cases, the scratch surface of the car is sufficient to absorb Rustoleum. We do recommend doing an anti-static film between your vehicle and the spray paint after the wax has been removed, and again between the vehicle and your garage door afterwards. This provides a barrier between rust and the vehicle.

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