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There are all sorts of different ways of making money from painting. You may think you know what you’re getting yourself into, but it’s usually the case that you’ll spend many hours and a significant amount of money, not to say many dollars, getting to the end, but not the end result. In fact, there are plenty of spray paint artists out there that will go out of their way to make a sale in order to get you to spend more money. Even if you’re buying a big spray paint set, you’re more likely to spend a significant amount of time painting. In fact it’s often easier for a new spray artist to learn on a smaller scale with a friend than to invest too much time with someone like me. A great example is our company, Black Box Paint, a company that sells spray paint online. We have sold over 10,000 pieces of spray paint using a single machine and I would guess that the average person who buys these units will spend over 100 hours with the machine to learn how to build in your own room or even a small basement setting. With our company, we don’t have anyone to tell us “you have to get to 1,000 hours” if your painting requires a lot more than that. And we’ll often take advantage of the fact that we are a small business and we’ll also try to offer free painting lessons for our customers when they need it. We have an excellent customer service rep that will answer any question you may have with the most ease. I’ll explain more on this in my next blog post about pricing in general, but first here are some of the things to watch out for: If you plan to sell through Amazon, you’ll probably have to deal with the Amazon restrictions.

If you’re not a full time artist, a couple of hours is probably plenty for you to learn how to properly paint.

If you plan to sell through one of the “big five” retailers like Walmart or Target your paint won’t be guaranteed to look just as you wanted in the pictures. With the right pricing, you can probably make a good living in your home art career, but if you’re putting much of your efforts into selling online, it’s likely that all this paint won’t make a ton of difference to your bottom line.

If you’re planning on using Amazon Payments or Paypal Payments and you aren’t sure how Amazon handles credit card payments, it’s best to avoid getting in the middle of a dispute over credit card charges to avoid potential repercussions

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