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All of our paint is acrylic paints with a water resistant formula. It is 100% polyamide which means it will be water resistant if it has to be sprayed on (or applied to) surfaces on a regular basis. We do recommend that you wash the surface with mild detergent to remove paint from the surface. The paint can be dry cleaned with our non-toxic dry cleaning solution that is also 100% polyamide.

Is acrylic or oil paint better for Wood?

If wood will look better with acrylic paint, then it is because the wood is already stained. Oil paints will not completely bond to wood if you are painting in a non-abrasive manner, which means that you would be spraying the surface with abrasive liquid (ie dishwasher detergent) that would be going directly onto the wood. Once the paint has dried and dried thoroughly, your wood will be a beautiful looking finish on the wood.

Do you use latex paint?

We do not. In the future, we may be working on the idea of offering acrylic paints made in a latex or petroleum based formula as an alternative to our products. However, for now, the paint we use is a water resistant acrylic.

What is the best way to apply acrylic paint?

For the best results, apply acrylic paint generously on all surface areas where you would like a smooth finish (ie tables, coffee tables, floors) or even coat them entirely with paint. Allow to dry completely before using to avoid drippings from the edges of your painting.

Do you include a brush, palette/pen or other applicators?

For a great paint job, we recommend using a large paint brush that is large enough to give a fine level of coating (usually around 18-24 microns in diameter). This will be very difficult for any other type of paint that requires a much smaller brush size as it is difficult to apply a smooth finish with a paintbrush.

Does acrylic paint dry within 24 hours?

Generally, the only thing that will kill the acrylic is water, though it may take as little as two days for that to happen. If you are painting the surface for extended periods, we recommend that you have the surface completely dry before applying acrylic paint.

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Does acrylic paint have any odor or taste?

Yes. Acrylic paint has no odor or taste.

If I use acrylic paint, will I need to paint over it after I have applied it?

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