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If so, why? (2) Are Krylon and rustoleum the same as each other? (3) If Rustler is really better than Krylon, why is there no mention of it in the book? (4) Which company or brands are involved? (I asked this to a friend and someone else answered “Krylon”)

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In the second of two stories about the rise of the self-driving car, we tell The Atlantic about an MIT grad who tried to bring a self-driving car to an auto show but found himself “surrounded with dozens of cars and trucks with no human control.”

The company that makes the car used in the story, Mobileye, declined to make or describe the vehicle to The Atlantic but the man in the story was the first self-driving car engineer to be named on the new National Transportation Safety Board’s safety board. The board is charged with researching and creating new safety protocols for the vehicle, but has been operating without a formal director since the departure of the board’s founding chair who was later found dead.

The engineer’s story — told in “Self-Driving Cars: The Next Stage of the Race” — is a vivid illustration of what it means to make technology progress rapidly but in a way that protects the ability of humans to take control if something goes wrong. The engineer had been working on self-driving cars for five years when in May 2014, he drove a Chrysler 300 off a dock into an oncoming semi truck, severely injuring the driver. The accident left him with serious injuries. While the incident took place during an extremely high-traffic area — a city with many high-traffic areas — it also represents the kind of problem that companies facing a similar problem may face: the risk of another driver driving under the influence.

“The problem we face in the auto industry right now is a high level of driver distraction,” said Bryan Lee, the senior scientist who led research into self-driving technology at Sandia National Laboratories at the time the accident occurred.

“In the long term, we can’t put every single thing on the road in an automated system. At the same time, we want to be able to get to a point where we don’t see an accident, we see someone operating a smart car with a camera and radar and sensors and all the other sensors that have to happen in every single car,” Lee told The Atlantic. “That’s the holy grail for all of us. We want to go

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