Is Krylon better than rustoleum? – Spray Paint Artist Melbourne

Yes to both

Are Krylon and rustoleum better than polyvinyl chloride?

Yes to both

Are Krylon and sand on a equal level?

This is a good question, I have not seen any scientific study that says yes.

Is there a good comparison between sand and paint?

If you can purchase a small amount of paint, and use it as a base for more expensive paint, I believe they have equal qualities. However, when you use sand on an expensive vehicle, you are creating a lot of work and cost when you replace that paint and you may not have the chance to buy a new vehicle, so I do not like the idea of buying a larger amount of paint simply to do just one job. That cost could be a lot more if you have to take your car to a dealer to get a replacement.

Will it affect the finish of my chrome?

Some chrome may become scratched or cracked from spray paint. However, it is always recommended to wear protective gloves and protect your skin.

What can I do to prevent paint from adhering to the chrome of my vehicle?

I am not sure what steps are required, but spray paint can be a very bad thing. If you spray paint or coat a few hundred vehicles a calendar year, that’s probably a lot. It is a known fact that even small bits of spray paint can easily get on to some of the plastic finish on most all cars and trucks.

What type of paint will the new Krylon-on paint be?

The new Krylon paint would come in a clear/clear or a yellowish white/yellowish color. Krylon-on paint is a thinner color and does not have the color or texture of a spray-on paint. The thinner color will not adhere to the chrome on the windows, and will be easier to remove in an accident.

Will your car be able to be painted in Krylon-on paint?

This is still being researched, but it seems most cars will be completely protected.

Is the Krylon in a spray paint product?

No, the Krylon-on paint would simply be a thinner and different color in the car, but the thinness and the color would be similar. There is a lot of potential for problems. It is a known fact that the Krylon-on paint may easily get on to the plastic finish on many all cars and trucks.

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