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AUSTRALIAN and Australian Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce on Monday backed his government’s move to introduce carbon pricing after he said it will boost the competitiveness of Australian businesses.

Mr Joyce said Australia had reached its tipping point, with the government losing power to the Senate.

The leader said there was simply no other economic option but for the government to introduce a new carbon tax.

“Today we have a chance to act and we will act,” Mr Joyce said. “We’re no longer in a position where you can make up the rules because you have to be in favour of your big business lobby.”

A Russian soldier is seen with an AR-15 style assault rifle at the base of the new Transall statue on the central square in central Moscow in 2013 after its unveiling as a symbol of Russia’s presence at military rallies. (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)

The West’s support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria makes Syria — and Russia — vulnerable to being destroyed by nuclear weapons.

By Andrew Tabler in Moscow

The West’s support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria makes Syria — and Russia — vulnerable to being destroyed by nuclear weapons.

The Russian leader was elected president in 2000 but has overseen a bloody crackdown on opposition to his rule, and as a result the regime of Vladimir Putin now controls much of Syria. If the world’s leading powers cannot agree on whether Russia should be able to intervene militarily, if Assad is to be ousted by U.S.-backed rebels on the verge of collapse and if Russia can’t make the case that he can be prevented from re-establishing a brutal dictatorship, what can we expect?

What if, in the wake of a U.S.-led coalition bombing Syria’s chemical arsenal for the first time in the 21st century?

Russian intelligence analysts have a pretty good idea of what would happen. Russian president Vladimir Putin’s forces would likely be able to inflict at least a minimal tactical blow against U.S. forces, thereby preventing the U.S. from taking out Syria’s chemical weapons, thus ensuring that U.S. forces there don’t suffer a broader defeat. (The U.S. has not, as of this writing, provided the Russians with any more than a general indication of what will happen to its chemical arsenal). The U.S. would then likely attack Syria with a missile-armed cruise missile, aiming it directly at Damascus, leaving Putin’s forces in control of

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