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Yes. Liquitex spray paint acrylic is the most popular choice of acrylic paint spray paint. It is a clear product that cannot be mixed with anything else. The other spray pigments, such as acrylic paint thinner, have proven to be toxic to animals. This is one reason why people are no longer using the other spray pigments in spray paint.

This is what liquid acrylic comes in (click to view on mobile device):

What’s the process to using liquitex spray paint acrylic?

Step 1. Pour a container of liquid acrylic (you can go small or large if you want) on your spray pigments, or mix it with whatever your base color is. In our case, I like to use liquid acrylic that has 20oz or more in it. I prefer liquid acrylic because it gives me a bit more control. This is the only time I ever mix liquid pigments with my spray paint.

Step 2. Coat the top part of your acrylic paint with liquid acrylic. It can be pretty rough on your spray paint, so don’t be afraid to smooth it out with a soft, wetbrush. If you don’t use a soft wetbrush, you can clean off the excess acrylic paint by dipping the tips (or any other piece that is flat) into more diluted acid. You also may want to leave a little excess acrylic on the nozzle of the sprayer to give it a slight drier feel.

Step 3. Using a fine brush, blend your mixture into the spray paint, using the tips of the brush in it. A hard, fine brush will take more time and force than a soft fluffy brush. Just be sure that the tips that you use are clean in your paint bucket. Your brushes are designed for hard brushes, not soft ones.

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Step 4. Clean your applicator tip gently. Then dry on the paper towel, or use a fine dusting of rubbing alcohol.

Step 5. Use the brush from Step 2 and blend your base color. You can now clean up all your excess paint with a very wet brush. Again, a softer brush takes more time than a hard one.

You can now use the top part of your applicator as a fine sprayer and apply several coats to each of your sections and let all the dry completely. Just let the color build up and finish with the other parts.

Tips for Painting With Liquitex Spray Paint

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