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It’s a different paint than any other kind. It’s called the “soft paint” for a good reason—it has the highest viscosity of every paint of its sort. In short, its high viscosity allows it to be used with a number of other paints and paints systems. There are a number of different systems for making this paint.

The most common system is a gel or paste based system. It’s called a “spray system” for a reason… it has a thin liquid layer over the paint. This mixture dries more quickly than a thick paint. If you mix a gel like this with a water based medium or a silicone based paint mix, they’ll both work equally well to put on a “dry” surface. If you mix this mixture with pigment based paints, like acrylics or paints with a thin layer of pigment in them, the pigment will spread out more than the paint.

In addition to spray systems, there are some other systems that are usually not used for color correction, but can be used with most other kinds of paints in some cases:

Spray systems are very important, because they allow the painter to put one coat of a color first before trying to add more. The problem is that they require an expensive application or can get messy with excess paint. When I mention a “spray system”, I’m not referring to the color correction method that some artists prefer, but that of a “spray application”.

I don’t like spray paint because I don’t like a messy paint application. A spray-on paint allows a painter to paint quickly to help give the look of a very defined part. It can be very helpful to the color of a piece, especially on the bottom right of a frame, where the painter has to use a little work to make the colors stand out. If there’s a lot of variation in the light on the frame, with no one color in particular, you can use spray paints to give it a defined look.

However, when you put on a full-sized piece, you can often get a nice, strong line and get a lot of mileage out of the spray. If your work is done in oil, for example, you can use spray and then let it dry and then finish as you please.

There are several other special types of spray paint systems to be mentioned:

Poly-Tone paint Systems The poly-tone paint systems are usually made up of either a wax or a

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