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In recent weeks, there has been a lot of excitement around the concept of Rustoleum which comes from the idea of using paint to make rustic items look different from the surface.

This can be achieved in many ways including spraying paint over the surface, dipping the object into a paint or rust mixture and leaving the surface to remain damp until the paint dries (which is not necessarily long enough to remove rust). Rustoleum is also known to be used in tattoo parlours and has been used in the past in the past for use in the making of paintings, but the concept seems to be the next step in innovation for the modern world where technology is fast, cheap and accessible.

What do you think?

Images Courtesy of The Rustoleum

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The former Conservative party activist has been named as the man arrested in connection with the “unofficial” party in the north-east.

Paul Brier QC was arrested on Saturday after an investigation into alleged hacking into the Electoral Commission.

On Monday he was sentenced to seven weeks in prison.

A second man, Andrew Thomas, 28, of Toms Mills, was found guilty of conspiring to commit an offence of causing an unlawful representation of a petition for the return of David Cameron to Downing Street to be void.

Mr Brier, 40, who was a Tory staffer between 2012 and 2015, has been described by the defence as the “defendant.”

“The best is yet to come.”

To this morning’s post-election rally in Dallas, that might have sounded like a ringing endorsement of Donald Trump, a man with no presidential experience and a campaign to run that is failing to connect with the American public. But the words “the best is yet to come” were also spoken in a different context a couple of years ago by President Barack Obama.

In 2007, he said he was not confident there would not be another four years of Bush as the American president. “In an election where so much is at stake it’s hard for anybody to see any reason, other than a few folks may be desperate,” Obama said at a White House press conference.

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Trump’s campaign, in its early stages, has not given any indication it will seek to unseat former President Obama, an avowed opponent of the mogul and ardent Hillary Clinton supporter who is expected to formally accept the Democratic nominee at the convention

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