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When will you get a black, or silver, or blue stripe? If you have gray stripes in the trunk and the hood, is brown or tan paint appropriate?

The best option (and I can think of several situations where it would work) is to install Rustoleum paint in the body (it can work in the trunk too.)

You can do the rustoleum installation from scratch, or you can borrow this step-by-step video from our friend Joe!

What is Rust Oleum Rustoleum Paint or Rust Oleum Rustoleum Paint?

Rustoleum Rustoleum Paint is a paint made by Rust Oleum that comes as a clear coat. As far as I remember, it used to be called “Ruth’s Gold,” though I cannot remember why.

Rust Oleum Rustoleum is a relatively easy process.

You buy a kit, apply the Rust Oleum stain on some clean hardwood flooring, and let the floor stain dry. The Rust Oleum Stain should stay on the surface for 24 hours for most stains; however, Rust Oleum Rustoleum can stain to a depth of about a 1/2 inch.

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Rust Oleum Rustoleum has a very thin, dense consistency. I have never noticed it to gum up my doors.

When the Rust Oleum Rustoleum paint dries, it is as fine as you could use. Rust Oleum Rustoleum is a very light-duty product. It can be placed on surfaces up to 3 inches deep, but you will see better results if you lower the surface down to a depth you would not need Rust Oleum Rustoleum for.

When I put the Rust Oleum paint on my cabin floor, it was only about 2/3 full. Some surfaces only require about 10/16th of the paint to be full. This would require over-applying, but that would work as well, and you can do it in a hurry when using rustoleum Rustoleum.

I will be covering some more rustoleum Rustoleum pictures in a future blog post, so make sure to check that out soon!

Rust Oleum Rustoleum Paint is great for a number of woods.

It is a stain that can last a lifetime.

Rust Oleum Rustoleum Paint is not a paint that I would recommend for a cabin floor just because it is too thin to coat your floor.

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