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We have no idea…

The U.S. Army may have the answer for America’s problems.

With over 8.5 million active duty soldiers, the Army can send an army of 2,000,000 men and women – more than 1.8 million of whom are women — to some 2,500 military centers across the country to do exactly what every other country on Earth has done for millennia: build and maintain our roads and bridges, train and equip our soldiers for the next war, provide education and care for the elderly, clean up our polluted rivers, build and maintain our electrical grid, install our military bases, and generally run our country.

The military is not, however, making the most of that extraordinary opportunity it’s been given.

The Army’s “mapping” tools are not sophisticated enough to understand most of the country.

Instead of planning, the army simply builds, but doesn’t maintain. It has given some 5.7 million of us a chance to learn more about our country through the U.S. government’s “mapping” tools and to see things from a new perspective. But in a recent National Defense University study of America’s top-ranked universities – which was conducted by The Army Times and has been seen by more than 10,000 of us – the army’s mapping methods don’t provide the most valuable and insightful information.

For example:

At Harvard University’s School of Art’s “urban exploration” projects involving the installation of pedestrian-friendly bike lanes, the army’s “mapping tools” don’t actually take us to new places. Instead, we get the usual map of streets with an “O” on the bottom left corner.

In addition to the map itself, these projects’ “coding” of streets and other buildings led to a variety of information regarding how the buildings were constructed – some not obvious – as well as the names and addresses of many individual businesses.

At California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUD), a mapping project created in cooperation with CSU’s College of Architecture, Planning and Sustainable Design, helped determine that the first floors of buildings containing more than four floors might have more or less space available and were therefore less expensive to construct than the second floors. The army’s “mapping” tools made this obvious.

The mapping tools that the Army used to complete the campus’ urban exploration projects may be used in many more locations by the military. A similar mapping tool

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