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You decide.

The Lacquer

There were two lacquers offered in the Lacquer collection. A cream lacquer with a pink undertone and a white lacquer with a blue-green undertone. In the first case, the pink and white were applied in two passes. In the second case, a third pass is needed for the pink and white.

Here’s the first lacquer.

Click to enlarge. Notice how the red color is accentuated during the first pass.

Next, on the left side, the pink is applied. Note the red.
7 Grunge Spray Texture (JPG) |

After, on the right side.

Click to enlarge. Notice the red is accentuated during the second pass. (And just in case you were wondering on the last picture… Yes, that is a green-ish pink.)

The White

Here is the same, but from the other side. See how the pink and white are accentuated?

The Lacquer has to be applied on the back side of the bottle for best results. A second pass is usually necessary to create a natural “rustic” look for the white.

Here is an example of a white lacquer without the second set of passes to create a natural “rustic” look. It’s very subtle.

Click to enlarge.

The Gloss

The white gloss lacquer has a darker (shimmery) color and will show more undertones. This is the most natural-looking lacquer.

For the white or cream lacquer shown here, a third pass is needed. If you want to do more or less, this picture is a good one to go by.

In the above picture, the yellow is very visible during the first pass. Notice that the yellow accentuates the brown and orange colors.

Click to enlarge. Notice the gold color and the blue tone created by the yellow to emphasize the orange. The gold is also accentuated during the second pass.

You’ll notice the blue is accentuated as well. Notice how the blue highlights and accentuates the orange and reds of the gold.

Click to enlarge. The yellow and reds are both accentuated in the second pass, and on the third pass, again. Notice how the yellow makes way for the gold in the background.

This shows another difference in the two lacquers. The yellow is very subtle in the second lacquer, while the gold in the

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