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We have chosen enamel paints since, as we stated before, we have found the process of creating and using enamel paints much more convenient when compared to traditional varnish/bronze. This is primarily due to the fact that, while varnish/bronze finishes are typically applied to wood or leather and then cured, enamel does not require a curing temperature and therefore can be used on surfaces of all kinds and on almost anything. The main difference between these enamel paints and their counterparts is that enamel paints are often made up of many different colors which means that each color can be applied by simply layering the paints. In addition, when using enamel, as mentioned, a process of “pigmentation” occurs, in which the paint coats a base or coating of material, such as varnish or bronze, which can then be removed and applied onto the new color. This process is much slower, but allows for finer control and is, therefore, often used for creating a more even finish.

What is lacquer?

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Lacquer is a product commonly used for lacquering leather. The term “lacquer” refers to the protective coating which comes with leather. In terms of color, lacquer paints are often divided into two general categories — base colors and color finishes (also known as gloss or gloss finishes). The first category is comprised of paints which can be applied as a base color to an entire body of leather, and can be applied both to the leather’s natural color and the paint itself. The second category is comprised of paints which can be applied using a process which is known as glazing. These paints are often applied over an outer layer of soft leather, which can, in some cases, be quite thin. Because these paints are often applied separately, their effect can be difficult to discern, as the layers of paint often blend into one another even though the natural color of the leather is not apparent in this case. We offer both in our product, the TANGLED LAMINATED series of lacquers. What do our paints do?

The base colors in our lacquer are called “lacquers,” and the color finishes are also commonly called glosses. Both of these labels are quite descriptive – but they do not mean that we only offer those color finishes. We offer a wide range of finishes to provide our customers with the choice of finishing that they prefer. In order to fully appreciate how each finish works,

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