Is spray paint water based? – Spray Paint Art In Water

Well, no, they do not. They are made out of water and it actually is a form of water based paint when dry.
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The only difference is that when you dry-apply your spray paint you are actually spraying the paint directly into your skin.

The spray cans are made out of the same material and so are the paint brushes. They can be used as spray paint as well which you can easily find at any local hardware store.

You should have these in your home.

Can I get a “reusable” paint can I get at the hardware store?

Some stores don’t carry re-usable paint cans and therefore you will need to order from a commercial paint store.

Once you’ve made sure the paint is dry and you’ve opened the can, pour the water out until there is a half full space.

Open the valve and you can now pour paint directly into the can. It might taste a little different than my recipe above and that is ok. The key to making the best paint is to mix the proper amount of paint to do the task – and mix it until the paint looks solid and not flakey. A little bit of glue is not needed although it adds a little more “fuzz” to the color because it has a little more mass to it.

How do I clean an area where I’ve painted?

To clean an area in a spray can you would first open the valve of the spray can and pour the water out (make sure it is completely dry before doing this).

Then close the valve and cover the cans as well with some plastic.

Place the cans in your clean area and then take up a flat surface, such as the floor. Place the cover in the area and spray paint the area using a quality paint brush. Don’t try it on your entire body as you may have to paint over some parts. Once you have started the paint you MUST wait for the paint to dry completely to do so.

You can either use a water based paint remover, a dishwashing liquid or dish soap.

Be careful because water based removers can leave behind nasty residue and can be extremely drying.

Soap and dish soap also contain ammonia which can dry your paint, making it brittle and less durable (and possibly causing it to flake off).

For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend a professional quality stain remover or stain remover cream.

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