Is spray paint water based? – Spray Paint Art Street Artist

No spray paint is water based but they do offer an option (as of March 2011) to mix your paint with water to use as a cleaner for your vehicle paint.

Can I still apply my regular automotive cleaning products?

Yes you can. The one product that will last the life of your vehicle is regular automotive cleaning products. However, you may only use a pre-mixed product of water and soap and no other chemicals.

How big can spray paint be?

This will depend on your vehicle, how heavy the vehicle is, thickness of your car paint, paint thickness and condition. There are many different options you can consider to achieve your level of success.

How long do spray paint applications last?

Most of the companies and the paint manufacturers will allow you to spray paint for as long as you want. They expect it to last as long as the vehicle it is applied to but there are exceptions to this.

Does my vehicle need new spray paint?

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NO. There are some exceptions. If the vehicle is extremely high gloss, then more high gloss spray paint can be applied. If there is a chance you have a heavy tread down the car then you could apply lower grade spray paint.

How to care for my vehicle spray paint

Do I need any special products for cleaning and cleaning spray paint?

If only spray paint is allowed, then a simple soap and water combination will work. Just rinse the vehicle frequently with soap and water to help dissolve any excess paint. Do not use a bleach to bleach the paint.

How can I get a better surface for my paint?

Spray paint can be sprayed on with thin films and then allowed to dry.

Spray paint is very easy to clean in the most natural way I have found yet I was never able to find any other alternative.

What sort of products are used on spray paint?

It’s a combination of water and a thin film of any type of products such as: shampoo, water, soaps, body soap, and hair conditioner.

How can I get a great product at cheap prices?

The best way to find high quality spray paint products is through research. You can ask online and some stores may provide samples that they think will be helpful.

Do I want my paint to be waterproof?

When a spray painting is done then it will need to be waterproof. This requires more attention and testing as

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