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Is spray paint water based? No

No Are spray paint applicators regulated?


No Is spray paint banned in Florida?


No What about paint thinner?


No How can I find a local dealer or paint dealer?

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How can I report a problem with my product?

To report a problem with product, please contact the manufacturer by emailing

You may also call Customer Service at 850-664-3100, 9am-3pm EST or 1-866-664-5283.

Do you have a website? If so, please share your contact information.

What is the difference between an auto repair shop and a garage?

Auto Repair shops are generally owned and managed by dealers. The majority of auto garage employees are hired by independent repair shops or businesses so the term mechanic is more commonly used for a repair shop rather than a shop owner. Most auto repair shops have very basic repair and maintenance jobs, but you will see shops with all kinds of repair work and different equipment for different applications.

What is an auto shop like?

Auto repair jobs are typically done on the car and by your mechanic, but there are also many others in the business. You get to have the job done, you get a certificate of completion or you could choose to do the repair yourself.

We have a variety of options for your needs such as:

Tire/wheel repair – Our tire/ wheel technicians will give you some options on how tires should be used, the best type and how the tire is rated.

Engine repair – The auto repair technicians that work at our shop will provide you with a good amount of options for your vehicle, making sure everything is up and running as well as the engine is running.

Electrical and heating repair – We have a variety of different parts we can help with.

Brake rotors – We don’t work on brake rotors, but we can help you find some parts for you. And brake pads and wheels, we have all the parts you could ever need to make your car run properly.

What you can expect when your car is working properly

Every repair works with a customer’s input to make sure that your car is ready for the next ride. As long as your car is free of problems, your car will stay right there in a safe

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