Is spray painting easy? – Easy Spray Paint Art Nature Backgrounds Free

Spray painting is much more enjoyable than writing text and it involves more physical effort. The most straightforward method – that of spray painting – is probably better suited to the needs of most artists and hobbyists. If you’ve never tried spray painting before it can be tricky so consider picking up a few pieces of spray paint and building up as you go.

1. Lay cardboard down in a straight line down the centre of the canvas

2. Paint in the following direction: upward, clockwise and downwards

3. Cover the cardboard with the paint with a heavy layer, leaving a thin, even layer of paint underneath the cardboard.

Place the canvas onto the cardboard and start painting from the ‘sides’.


It starts with the front edge. For a more subtle effect, lay on a black piece of cardboard or tape over the back of the cardboard and then paint from this. The first step may be slightly obvious but if you try and apply an even coat of paint it will take longer.

As you paint upwards, it’s important that you do not push the paper inwards against the canvas. Keep your paper flat.

At first there will be a lot of paint on the cardboard. This will settle down as you start your next spray line.

The cardboard will not be very sticky; the paper will be the glue. Try and avoid spraying the paint on to cardboard too early.

Your paper will be very fine, but it will be too heavy to paint at the same time as the canvas. To paint a line on the cardboard in front, just draw a line with a brush.

If you want a big drop of paint in the cardboard, paint on a piece of masking tape.

The paint will start to flow inwards through the cardboard.

Repeat with the back of the cardboard.

When you’ve completed your first layer, it’s time to move onto the next layer. Make sure that the back of the cardboard is clear of paint.

Start spraying straight down the middle of the cardboard as a new layer goes on. When the second layer is complete, spray across the top of the cardboard.

Continue repeating this process.

Once you’ve progressed through each layer, stop and leave the cardboard flat and clean.

Spray-painting the backside of the cardboard may be tricky as you may need to use the spray nozzle at one point or another.

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