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Absolutely! The hardest part of this project is finding paint. Luckily, we own a couple of paint shops in and around the city. We shop there in our spare time, and each is happy to offer one or two paint options. Some are available online through their website, others can be purchased locally, although a good local paint shop will also have a good selection to offer. The only thing you will have to do is decide what you want as you are beginning to paint. You will want to find a color that is close to your subject.

After your paint selections, you will need to place your body(s) on your worktable. A medium medium size or bigger table are ideal to begin your painting. Your main goal here is to have your model in a relaxed, natural posture — not standing up and bending over your painted body!

After you are finished arranging your model, take your time cleaning and putting your painting away. Place your wash brush out of the paint container and let your paint dry on a towel or towel cover. This will keep your paint and your dry paint off of your model. Take a moment here to wipe down your worktable with a dampened cloth. Clean your brush thoroughly from the paint container and let it dry out in a dryer before applying your next paint color.

Remember that you have a new and never used washbrush, which will be required for a future task. Next you will want to clean and brush the paintbrush clean. Clean the brush by getting the blade out of the paint container and dipping the handle in warm water to get rid of any small bits of paint. After you’ve got a nice fresh coat of paint, you can either let the brush rest on your work table and let it dry in a dryer or you can take it outside with the nozzle still attached. If you are using spray paint, spray the paintbrush with water as you paint. Your paint should be dry before you spray it.

As you build your model and apply more paint, you will notice that the colors develop as your body changes colors. You’ll notice the paint become rougher on it, or start to fade, or get lighter. You’ll also need to apply more paint during the final stages of the painting to maintain the color and smoothness of your colors. The final steps are the most important in keeping your model’s beauty, and they include adding your topcoat.
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Once your model is fully finished and colored, you only need to apply your

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