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There is a spray dye for fabric, called Prodiflor and it will also work for the other fabrics you need to use to dye your fabrics.

But first you’ll need to find the right fabrics. A good tip is to be aware what colours you’ll need for your fabric: For the denim, think “dark” or “dark blues”. For the cotton, think “light” or “medium blue”.

After you’ve found the right colours, you’ll need to find a spray dye canner (it’s also called a ‘dye-kit’). A spray-dye canner will set the colours in a liquid spray and can be used by making a single spray dye in your canner. You can also make some dyeings to make more of an instant dye.

You’re likely to have to find an individual kit: You’ll need to go to a hobby shop or art store and check your local rules, for example you can’t mix or use the fabric that has been cut from the cloth (although you can use other dyeing techniques as long as they are not dyed in the cloth). Some manufacturers have made kits that will dye other fabrics but that would be expensive.

Dwight Howard (left) and Brandon Jennings played through discomfort in their wrists before tonight’s contest. (USATSI)

The Orlando Magic took a step forward in their quest to win a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at Amway Center in their season opener. The first half was tense, but the second half was as close to perfect as you can find.

The Magic jumped in the lead for good with a 10-0 run that began with a LeBron James’ dunk and ended with a big putback by Victor Oladipo that gave Orlando a 23-6 edge. Dwyane Wade had a few chances to get into the game early, but he hit only 2 of 9 shots, including a terrible one that he thought would make it 22-6.

On the other end, the Cavs looked like they were ready to go down early and get back into it, but the Magic stayed with them. The Cavaliers had 15 turnovers and lost 10 of their 11 offensive rebounds and missed a few easy shots.

There were some things to like in this one, though. Oladipo went 2-for-6 from the field, getting to the line and going to the line for his first NBA basket in nearly

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