Should I sand between coats of Rustoleum? – How To Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Series

The most common answer I get is: Yes, sand for about 2/3 of the way down the length of the paper and then go all the way around. For those that want more durability, I also suggest sanding both and then layering the two coats on to prevent shrinkage as you progress down the paper.

You will want sand all the way around the bottom of the sheet and then sand off a good enough area of paper on each side. This will help prevent the sand from forming a sharp corner or the top layer of paper being too flexible. Make sure you sand completely, even all the way along on each side.

Can you let it dry in this state for longer?

No, you will only get a dry finish. When I start a project I do a little test before beginning the dry curing process. I will cut a small section of the paper and sand it a little, just enough to get it out of the way. Just enough to prevent it from starting to fray. Then I’ll set the piece on a flat surface and sand it down. Again, it’s not necessary to sand the entire piece.

Some people do a test dry cure, drying the pieces on paper before using them, and this usually lasts longer because they get a little more use out of the pieces.

Is there anything I should know about drying times between projects?

There is a big difference between dry curing a piece of paper on a flat surface and drying a piece on a hard surface. When you are trying to dry cure a piece, we generally suggest drying it on a flat surface for 30-60 minutes, then laying it on its side and applying an excess paper weight. Again this will prolong your project; if the paper is so stiff (and you’re not going to put it on it’s side) that you’re trying to keep it from cracking or shrinking in thickness, you will be better off using it on its side.

Can I dry cure sheets in two days?

Unfortunately not. You are only really going to dry cure a piece if it feels completely dry at that point and not if it crinkles up. It’s all about humidity in the house.

If you can get a spot of dryness with just a little effort, you should be ok.

I have dry cured my sheets several times and do it several hours each time. I always have these dry crinkled spots on each piece of my project, what

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