Should I sand between coats of Rustoleum?

Before putting on a coat of Rustoleum, apply 2 coats of an old, clean and well rubbed on top of the top coat of Rustoleum on each side of the house. Then add Sandiego or Krylon primer and start sanding. As soon as the top coat is dry, apply the top coat of Rustoleum to the second coat of the top coat. Repeat the process until all of the walls have been sanded and painted.

Why do I see black spots on the wood floor?

While Sandiego (and Krylon) primer is nonstick, if the top coat is sprayed too close to the wood itself; spots of dirt and oil build up and are hard to get off. This is common on wood floors, especially when the surface is wet. To prevent this, I spray my floor with a coat of Krylon primer.

What do you use to paint the trim on my windows?

I like Krylon Primer and stain spray paint. You can find them on local Home Depot stores or on Amazon. Krylon primers come in a wide variety of strengths and colors. I suggest using spray paint to paint the trim on your windows and doors. This will allow you to apply the primers to your trim without damaging or contaminating it. You can also apply the primers to the trim with standard spray glass paints. Spray paint can work better than Krylon primer if you don’t want the color to bleed into your window trim.

What do I use to paint the trim around the windows or doors?

Some manufacturers will come with a trim spray kit. This is basically just a spray paint container with a tube of Krylon primer or Krylon Wood Finish. You can find them at Home Depot or Amazon.

How often should I sand?

You have a finite amount of time to use Rustoleum and Sandiego to protect the surface. I like to use 1.5 to 2 coats of Krylon Primer and 2.0 to 2.5 coats of Krylon Wood Finish so I get the best results and avoid paint fading (see tips below). You can apply another layer if you’re having trouble spraying the final finish. Remember though, you’ll always have sanding to do.

How often should I rinse/wipe down my Rustoleum or Sandiego coat?

I rarely use my Rustoleum or Sandiego coat at any point but I rinse it at