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We have two main objectives when making graffiti and street art;

To get into the minds of the city inhabitants and expose the people and the streets that it is in fact a piece of art (i.e. that the city does exist, that we are there) We want to inspire people to feel safer that they can feel a connection to the city (i.e. that this is an important place to be, and that they are not alone in their city, and they are in fact at home in something larger than themselves, a place of greater importance because there is a reason for existing and not just an escape) To get in the public consciousness and to get the word out that we are really here, that we have a presence and some things to give away to the city and its inhabitants by painting it on their houses, their cars, and/or buildings, especially in the darker days of the night.
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So what do we do when we are not doing graffiti?


Gumballing means to paint an image or a piece of art with paint and chalk on anything. Our tag team is a team of talented and passionate artists, each of us having a specialty in some of the same subjects: muralist, stencil artist, stenciled art, graffiti artist, or print designer. It is our goal to create images that are relevant to our community and can be seen in a variety of situations (i.e. our tags come out of urban environments, places that people walk around on the street, or in parks, and so forth), and our tag team has a different approach to what works and what doesn’t, because we all have a different style, and we are all looking for unique and interesting tags for our community to see and enjoy. So please feel free to call us on the number on the upper left of our site if you have questions, and we are here to keep you apprised.

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