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Well obviously they use it in a pretty much wide variety of contexts. We’ve just picked out something that we found really interesting and I’ll say I came across it recently in a piece at a book exhibition in New York and I think maybe it made it onto somebody’s wall but it was a really good moment in a piece from last year I think. I can’t comment on anything related to that because obviously it was a really good piece.

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Did you see it in person?

No but I’ve seen some of the stuff that’s been published online so maybe I saw that thing.

You have the word “Graffiti” painted on a wall in New York; how do you feel about those words in the context of the city’s history and art?

I love when something like that gets written about and I’m so surprised if it’s on a wall in a public space. I think it’s amazing. In a way I feel like it’s all of the elements that go into graffiti but I also think there’s something more abstract about it. I think that it has a kind of history and I think it really needs that to bring it back. I would love it to be more important but it needs to have that history before I think it really will be able to do that.

I think to me it’s all about context and to me it’s more of an art medium than a word. It’s more a creative form and I think it needs to be taken seriously.

Speaking of language – I saw your book on the shelves at London’s British Museum last year and couldn’t help but think of something in the book you’d like to share. Something that struck me, but didn’t make it in the interview was that you felt your art and work in relation to your love of language. This isn’t just in your own paintings, but in other forms of writing, too – from poetry to books.

It’s so interesting, I guess, I guess. I just think that language is really important. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking about the importance of using language, and sometimes using it to express your ideas. Not to put the brakes on it, I definitely think it’s important and I think that people should talk about words and use words when possible. But a lot of time when we use this metaphor of the metaphor, it’s for a reason. You are speaking and the language is doing something for you and you want to make it a

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