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Anime & Manga

Tales of Endoria

In the town of Endoria, just outside the town of Endoria, there are many ghosts that look like the characters of Tales of Symphonia! One of these was an employee who got killed by the ghosts. He was never seen again and the townspeople began to believe in the supernatural and started to worship. One by one they died, so the townspeople were afraid to go to the town. But one man had the courage to go and search for his loved one. He would never want anything to leave the town and his spirit told him that he would be returning. This man, known as Une, has lived in the town for more than 10 years. The town was destroyed by the spirits of its inhabitants who lived and died here. Since Une is the ghost of the townspeople, he will haunt the town.

The New York Times has made a habit of making fun of people who don’t like to wear ties, because they don’t like the way ties make people look. Now they’ve made fun of people who are too short because not only did they find that they looked bad, but they also found that it’s not “glamorous.” “New York Times Style Columnist Ann Rogers, the new face of the New York Times Style column, looks like an awkward student at a middle school reunion,” read a post at The New York Post on Friday.

“I don’t want to lose my style,” Rogers’s fellow columnist Gail Collins wrote recently in a Facebook post, after Rogers wrote that she was “so sick of the long ties that everybody’s wearing.” Her colleague at the New York Times Style blog, Jonathan Weisman, was annoyed by Rogers’s “trying to sound cool, even though she just got a job because she was too short to work in a dress.”

The Post’s story has since been updated with a more nuanced critique of the fashion choices in the Times:

The problem with an editor calling me out for using an inappropriately long-cropped neck tie is that it suggests that I somehow lack the ability to wear a

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