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Graffiti, graffiti art, graffiti tag is when someone tags or puts words that are not part of the original artwork or the text on the walls of buildings.

If you know someone that has used graffiti and they are from the US, they might tell you this in the first person, to the extent possible. They might even say something like ‘My dad painted this graffiti tag, but it was on the wall at my apartment when I was ten years old’. Or they might tell you that their mother has been doing it for years and she used to paint as well.
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However, in other countries, they might not tell you what the title or tags are. Sometimes these can be a lot more subtle, which makes it hard to spot these. Some examples are ‘St. Vincent, You’ve Lost Your Mind’ for a record label or ‘Falling In Love’ for a group of teenagers. There does exist graffiti tag in Italy called ‘Riviere del Fabbrica’ which is more or less an Italian equivalent of America or England.

Graffiti tags are used by different groups for a variety of reasons. Some tagging has a political tone – which one you have to remember is the case in some countries. In many countries, graffiti would be considered unacceptable graffiti. Another tagging has a more humorous, or artistic aspect like ‘My dad used to paint this graffiti tag called ‘Strictly Pissing Bitch’ but that is now banned’.

The main reason for graffiti is to be creative. There are a lot of factors that play into what people graffiti about, but at its most basic level it is because graffiti is an expression for someone. Graffiti is a way to make the other person feel better and hopefully someone will take notice of it.

Another reason is to get attention, as a graffiti tag makes you stand out. Graffiti is also an expression that you might get rejected by the other people around you. Some may think you are not cool enough and you are not as intelligent or intelligent-looking as them, but the graffiti tag makes that point.

Graffiti is the biggest form of graffiti art in the World, second only to watercolour. But, graffiti tags aren’t that uncommon in Britain or in other parts of Europe and North America – especially in cities such as New York City.

Graffiti is very popular in many different locations. Graffiti has been around for many centuries now and it is not only limited to the US. In the US

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