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Most people think that they mean tags with a message written on them. That sounds fine for most people, except for those who want to know that tags really mean… things that happen to someones car.
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What’s so fun about graffiti tagging? Well, the idea of graffiti tagging has become so exciting that it is now used as a slang to describe some of the most amazing stuff you will see on the block, including:

Bathroom murals



Graffiti writers

Graffiti artist

Graffiti decorators

All those other fun and exciting items that you see on the block because someone likes to do something fun with their car and then leave an inscription on the car or tag somewhere and people think it’s something cool.

What happens sometimes? Sometimes someone will get so engrossed in it that they will actually write something on the car that ends up looking like what they painted the car to look like. Because they have written something.

You get to see people who have a lot of fun, who don’t care about what you think they should be doing with their car, they are not doing graffiti tags, they are just taking something that other people have painted on their car and making it cool, something that makes them a part of something cool.

Why write something on something?

Here is why: writing on an otherwise unassuming piece of metal doesn’t give anyone a reason to tag it. It’s like painting this, but also, it’s a part of a group, this is what it means to tag something.

Do you think graffiti tagging is just a bunch of cool kids who are into graffiti?

Well, we’re not, we’re the best graffiti writers there are in the world, we are in fact real people who like to make their mark. It’s not in the best ways, but the real fun isn’t in it, it’s in creating something amazing, something cool and also not wasting people’s time.

How many is too many?

The actual number of pieces that you can fit on a car and still get the message to stay the same, is somewhere around 5-10. So if your car has 1 piece that you cannot write on, the whole message should stick, but if your car has 2 or 3 pieces that you cannot write on, but you think will stick, the message should change.

How do you know when to

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