What do graffiti tags mean? – Spray Painting Art With Toothbrush

Graffiti tags are pieces of graffiti, usually on a vehicle, which have been sprayed onto walls, and left by the artist. The most common ones are spray-painted letters, numbers and symbols found in common graffiti tags in the UK. On a vehicle, this could mean ‘the devil’ or ‘n******’.

Are graffiti tags illegal?

There are some instances where graffiti tags are illegal to leave on the property. This is sometimes because it is damaging something. Here are some examples of how the authorities treat graffiti tags.


If you buy a vehicle and the owner is not prepared to pay for an authorised repair or replacement, the vehicle can be sold to a dealer who can dispose of it legally. The car can then be left to the council or the property owner to collect. The council can also apply to the Supreme Court for an injunction to exclude anyone from entering the parking lot for at least 48 hours.

If the vehicle is vandalised, or the graffiti becomes covered with graffiti marks, or the vehicle does not show any signs of being damaged or repaired, or the graffiti remains on the vehicle, then the council can apply to the court for a forfeiture of the property and a fine.

If someone does something in a council lot, such as spray-painting a graffiti tag on a wall, or defacing a wall with graffiti, the council can apply to the court for an order evicting anyone who has been camping in the parking lot, such as the owner, from the site for at least 48 hours. This can include vehicles, and people who park in the lot during this time.

The police have also had to evict people with graffiti tags after a fire.

What are the costs for repairing damaged tags?

When the graffiti is removed, the car will need to be repainted. Some insurance companies may give you the right to use the car as a workshop, giving you the opportunity to work on the car at your leisure. The cost of repairing the damaged tags can be considerable, depending on the nature of the damage.

If you leave graffiti tag on a building (such as outside a door), there are no specific costs, but you can be held liable for damages if a fire breaks out. You can then sue the owner of the building if the damage is covered by insurance.

What can the council do?

The main purpose of graffiti tagging is to draw police attention, and sometimes damage to other buildings

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