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Spray painting is paint made from the waste liquids of petroleum products like petroleum ether or petroleum products. The most popular variety are acrylic paints in black, white, brown, and dark-brown. Other types of acrylic paints include acrylic pigments (such as acrylic acid), acrylic lacquers (such as acrylic acid and acrylic dimethyl sulfide), acrylic watercolor paint, and acrylic acrylics. As long as the paint is approved for this purpose, it is allowed to be used; however, the paint is not allowed to be used on glass, acrylic materials other than acrylics, and paints made from petroleum products, including petroleum ether or petroleum products.

What is the EPA’s response to the spray painted on walls being a form of graffiti?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for prohibiting paints and other items in the United States that may cause severe damage to property, and for enforcing the restrictions the agency places upon that industry. The agency has issued regulations for the sale and removal of certain paints and other products based upon the fact that damage may occur in the course of painting and removal operations. In 2005, the EPA amended its regulations to restrict painting and removal activities that cause a condition in which “the material that is being painted has an odor or is a chemical hazard,” or “the paint or other material is an irritant that may cause an adverse response and cause harm to people” and prohibits “detergents and other chemicals that may cause an adverse response and/or create a chemical hazard.” For more information about the EPA regulations against spray paint, see the EPA’s website at www.epa.gov/paint. For even more information about spray paint, read The Art of Painting.

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