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It used to be a pretty common word. The word was actually used a long time before that, but what it means is that you can paint anything, a word you don’t like, as long you go over it exactly the same way as it is written. The paint would be on a piece of blank paper with your idea on it, and then it would be put through a machine to make it that way.

Can you explain what a stencil is? A stencil is a shape that you paint on to a piece of paper…the pieces are made up of different colors or shapes, and they’re done in a way that is a certain way.

Can you discuss what an acrylic painting is? Some people might think of an acrylic painting, but what actually is acrylic is basically a very translucent, flexible, thin oil, acrylic paint. So that’s what’s used.

Can you explain the difference between oil/acrylic paint and spray paint? When you use an oil paint on canvas, you know it’s not gonna be water based because that would evaporate. You paint with it, and then it dries. When you spray paint on canvas, you don’t have that.

Can you talk about what it is to start a new project? It’s like a hobby, really. I mean, it was always in my mind…it started with my grandfather. His dad made some paintings that he made for his momma that she liked. We were playing around with this thing, and it came about from some of the things that he was doing, and I saw it and I wanted to do it and I knew that I probably wasn’t going to do it on my own and then his mom came up and I said, ‘If you want to do it it’s yours and if you can’t do it, it’s OK.’

You’ve done a number of pieces so far that people have asked what their process is. I’ve been asked to talk about this piece that I did for a gallery and I’ve done paintings for art fairs. I’ve been asked about how to make an art stand-alone, what I did for this museum, and I’ve been asked about some of my other works for events, too. So I’m going to talk about a project, and I’m actually not sure how important these are to people, but I feel I’ve had really good responses to the ones that people have asked about.

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