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The spray paints that come on their labels are different brands, but I’ve always found the Rustoleum paint to be better in several aspects.

Rustoleum spray paints have a higher opacity and longer lasting than any other brand of paint. The paint is also formulated with very low chemical content (0.2%) which means there is very little potential environmental damage to the environment from the paint.

Rustoleum spray paint also doesn’t have any toxic fumes like with some other brand of paint on its label.

Another important attribute of Rustoleum spray paint is that it is formulated to withstand a long life on surface. The spray paint is not made with oil or mineral oil. This means that the paint is not susceptible to oxidation which is a common problem when painting metals and metal-based paints such as Rustoleum paint.

I hope this review is helpful and that you enjoy experimenting with rustoleum spray paint.

Happy Painting!

[1] Some people consider that rustoleum doesn’t use any additives or preservatives and therefore isn’t harmful to water and plants. These people usually have no understanding of how toxic the chemicals used in industrial paint are. The fact is that these chemicals are actually quite toxic to a variety of organisms, like bacteria.

[2] The other thing that I’ve found interesting with Rustoleum spray paint is that it is usually a very transparent finish. It doesn’t use any transparent pigments like regular paint does – the paint dries black because of a chemical called naphtalene which is in the spray paint. Other similar transparent paints are often white. Because of the solvent that these paints use to remove oils and dirt from the surface, there will be a very clear layer on the paint that is visible during painting. Another thing you don’t see in normal black and white commercial paints on a car is paint flaking off of the paint to the surface. This is because of the use of a transparent solvent.

[3] Rustoleum Spray Paint is a very low viscosity spray paint. It will dry to a black finish very quickly. If you have experience with other paint brands which have extremely low viscosity paint, just think about how quickly they will dry to a white finish. With Rustoleum Spray Paint, it’s going to dry to a very dark gray when it’s been painted.

[4] You’ll need to remove the excess paint with a hobby knife or scissors.
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