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Sealer paint is a paint which is sprayed over a solid substance, such as cardboard, to secure its integrity. Spray paint is often called ‘sealing’ paint for its capability to seal a surface or product in place. Sealer comes in a range of colours and finishes. The main features of sealer paint used in the USA are:

White: White is probably the most common sealer paint used. White can also be used for an aesthetic effect, however it does have a tendency to get a little too yellow the longer it is applied. It is usually made from ‘liquitex’ based polymers.

The sealer paint on both sides of the body and the front panel is usually either polyurethane (PU) or ‘liquitex’ based and is more or less a grey colour.

Black and white: ‘Black’ sealer paint is usually made of a darker colour and is used when it is desired to give a ‘varnish’ or to darken a surface. ‘Black’ can also be used to ‘varnish’ the surface of plastic parts which tends to ‘glow’ with light as it is applied to these surfaces. ‘Black’ can also be used to ‘darken’ the face of a model, as black paint will prevent light from reaching a model.

‘Colour’ sealer paint is commonly used to coat the surface of plastic, metal or rubber components as a cosmetic treatment.

In May 2013, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the United Kingdom is a third country which enjoys ‘sovereign immunity’ from European legislation and that it cannot be compelled to introduce surveillance measures similar to those applied through the US National Security Agency. However a couple of weeks ago, the EU Parliament has voted by an overwhelming majority in favor of reintroducing UK’s draconian Communications Data Retention Act, which will permit the government to retain data of everyone, every time they phone a person.

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