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As you can see in the photos, I use the spray cans that I bought at my local Home Depot (in a big bag). The cans are easy to carry, but there are some that are much nicer, as well. I’ve also used them to mix my paints with.

My paint brushes are very small. I can make brushes the size of my hand very easily when filling one of the can spray bottles with paint. If you want to be sure that your paint is really small, I always store some small brushes with my cans. Then you get the “feely” way to draw on with them, without a paintbrush.

I usually spray paint on my white or bright white. I often spray paint on black, and sometimes on green as well. I also used to use a lighter colored primer paint on a black piece, but I ended up with too much. I’ve switched to lighter colored paint on all of my parts, and the results are incredible in these photos!

I always fill the spray cans very full with paint! If I don’t have time today to do this, I’ve painted a small area off of my paint cans, to keep it from getting soggy. The paint sticks down to the bottom well the best, and the small brush will be easier to push into and apply a small amount of paint to.

The only thing left to do now is get me and my bike ready to go.

The bike was painted on both sides. My favorite color is a light green, black, or navy. I like to stick to one of these colors.

Some parts of it look like it could stand to be painted over a bit, but I’m working on that now!

This is the end result, before I did some more painting…

I’ll put a bit more detail on the bike after I finish adding the tires.

It’s also about time to paint my hood, I’d like to stick to this color for a while.

And finally, my tires. I used some of the darker green to paint the sidewall and tread.

I’ll probably paint some on the wheel well area later, but I can’t say for certain.

And here it is, finished….

Thanks for clicking through and checking out my project!


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