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• Krylon Spray Paint, Klean Kanteen

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• Krylon Wet & Dry, Klean Kanteen & Super Lube

• Krylon Super Lube, Clearcoat

• Krylon Super Lube, Spray Paint

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• Krylon Wet & Dry, Krylon Super Lube

• Krylon Wet & Dry, Dry Cleaning

• Krylon Lube, Spray Paint

The Krylon brand is a multi-brand consumer product company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Krylon is a distributor of Krylon Spray paint to some 200,000 households.

The Krylon product name, KLORON, is a brand name recognized by consumers for its excellent performance in many applications including paint thinners, automotive, food safety, and household supplies.

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When you hear about Japanese video games being created in the country, it sounds like a real problem. But according to a new study, at least some Japanese game studios are thriving in other nations.

In this week’s issue of the American International Academy of Marketing & Advertising’s journal The Economics of International Business, researchers compared the global competitiveness of the world’s 20 largest video game companies to the quality of the games they made in Japan. The analysis also compared the relative success of the companies to that of the country they are based in—from Germany to the U.S.A.

The study found many video game firms in other countries are successful compared to Japanese firms, but the game companies in Japan are more effective than those in places like Israel, Brazil or the U.K.

The article says for every 10 games made and sold in Japan, there are four made and sold in other Asian regions.


It turns out that Japan is an example of a country that is “not as competitive as it could be,” since, in its most recent competitiveness study, Japan ranked 20th. Japan also ranks well behind neighboring China, Russia, and

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