Why do spray paint artists use fire? – Spray Paint Art Techniques Explained Synonyms

There is a huge difference in the heat of the embers and the flames used to light the fire. In most fires the heat is too high, or the embers are too light. The result is smoke and heat. The paint will dry out and lose its color. The process is so rapid, it can take several minutes to finish.

There are two reasons why we paint with fire, the color and the flames. One of the most popular paint colors is black, and its effects are obvious from all over the world, especially in Spain and Argentina and Japan. Other colors are red, yellow and purple.

What is a spray bottle?

A plastic bottle is not really a spray paint but a small container that is attached to an empty tube. These containers are known as spray bottle or brush.

How do we use black?

It is a color that can change a normal person’s life. In order to achieve the look of black it is firstly necessary to light it using an ember or flame.

The following methods are used:

1, use a special light with a white light, which is a special ember with a hole.

2, use a special lighter with a white flame, which does not leave a white burn. In addition to that, there are special lamps also to be used.

3, use a special stick to light the paint or a stick to light the embers. This is a lot easier because a special stick works better than a regular stick. It is also necessary to use special containers for this method.

4, in addition to white the ember needs to be colored black to achieve a good effect.

Black is an incredibly hard color. It is difficult to achieve and hard to wash away the paint. This color is made with all the energy and it is difficult to keep paint on it.

This color does not take only long to dry. It can be used all day, in a very long time.

5, it is a great alternative to white paint. It is much easier to use in the long wind.

6, if you apply it over a black cloth, you get a black mask. It is a great alternative.

7, it is a great alternative to paint, if the fabric is dark black and you want the color to turn more black.

8, it is a great alternative if you use white and you want it to turn

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