Why do spray paint artists use fire? – Street Spray Paint Art Demonstrations Videos Chistosos

We asked for some information

1. Is fire effective or not for a spray paint spray?

What are some of the disadvantages when using fire in a paint can, as well as disadvantages in using the spray?

2. What is the most practical and effective technique you use?

3. Why do you prefer a fire extinguisher?

4. Are you getting too hot with the spray and fire?

5. What is it good for?

6. Are there any safety considerations or restrictions on use in a spray?

7. Do you think spray cans should be tested to prove spray was safe?

8. Are there any other types of fire-proof spray cans, such as those made out of glass or plastic?

9. Are there other types of fire-proof spray cans that are good for spray paint so you can spray paint directly down a wall?

10. Do you like using a fire extinguisher with fire spray?

11. How long should you wait to dry off the fire extinguisher before spraying the fire?

12. Do you like a dry fire before spraying so you don’t burn your skin or clothes?

13. If you were to use a fire extinguisher, how dangerous would it be to spray at a home?

14. Do you have any knowledge of the history of fire use in spray paint?

15. Could you make up a list of common myths about fire? What is one of the most common?

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