Why graffiti is a crime? – Spray Painting Drawing Images

It is a crime.

Here is the question: Why are we not talking more about this? There is a reason why this is not so much a “tactical” issue as it is a very human one.

Let’s imagine another scenario. What would happen if someone wrote graffiti on a building, and let’s say the owner knew about it and was looking for ways to get rid of it?
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He could call up the local cops and make a public call of the graffiti and see if the owner had ever complained about it. And that police report would lead to an arrest. What if the person who wrote the graffiti did come home with the property, and it started raining and the place just got too damaged to go back in? Then he could file an insurance claim and say “you know, my building used to be pretty nice” while not losing any money. (In fairness, insurance companies are often pretty good at spotting paint when they see it, since that’s when they’re paying out).

Or, let’s say there was a case where someone vandalized a church or something, and the Church was looking for ways to get rid of it. The church may be able to give the vandal a warning, and the vandal can get rid of his or her own property with the Church agreeing to a small fine, and paying for the damaged property.

In either scenario, if somebody is committing a crime, the police will be the ones calling for the charges and charging the person. That’s how it is in countries like the US. But why isn’t the police doing that more often?

Why does graffiti need to be classified as a “hate crime” and not a vandalism, in the eyes of the law? How did we make graffiti a crime in the first place?

Now, before you make a comment about how “paint” is a less “violent crime”, I would like to point out that “paint” is a very violent type of graffiti. Paint cans are filled with paint that is strong enough to puncture skin – the paint sticks to the wall from between the bricks – and if someone is hit by that paint spray, blood will shoot out. That is not “a joke”. It is something that can cut short somebody’s life, not help it.

When someone is shot because of a “painting” incident, what’s to say it isn’t a “hate crime”? I can say the same thing, but I’m going

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