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There appears to be an inverse relationship between street crime in a locality and the severity of graffiti against the public – or “graffiti” as the graffiti is known. Graffiti is a form of public expression which uses graffiti as the medium for expressing the opinions and feelings of the artist. According to the French Penal Code, graffiti is a civil offense. It is an offence to deface, defile or defile a structure or public place. There are three levels of severity: public, private and private. In relation to the first level, the amount of damages is not specified under the law, but it could be a maximum of €25 000 for private graffiti. Graffiti is more serious if the public is not well protected with fences, barriers, trees, or any other means. The graffiti is therefore considered a kind of vandalism; the public spaces are defaced. In the case of private graffiti, the amount of damages is only €10 000, or one-third of the amount of the damage. What is graffiti? Graffiti is written or painted onto public walls, floors, vehicles, houses, etc. It is considered obscene, and if it defaces or damages the person (e.g. in a public place), it may be punished with a fine of €25 000. The graffiti can also be considered an act of violence and criminal offense. In the case of private graffiti, the amount of damages is only €10 000. There is also a limit for the damages which can be caused after defacing of the person. The public space of the individual is completely defaced. It is considered a type of crime. If, for example, you deface a building, it becomes defaced, and you have committed an act of vandalism. That is, public property can be damaged by graffiti. It is a criminal offense if one does deface public property, either by writing or painting on it. When the graffiti is not done on a residential building, then it may be considered criminal only if one does this on public property. It is also possible, but not allowed, to deface or defile private property, which is the personal property of a person. Can graffiti be used as a criminal offense? Since January, 2003, graffiti has been defined as graffiti – graffiti with the intent to deface or disturb a building, public area, land, vehicle, etc. Graffiti is a civil, and criminal offense, if the defacements are done by hand: that is, painting one’s name or the graffiti’s
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